Welcome to Jazz Wire

This is an exciting time for the global adult amateur and semi-pro jazz community. The wait for someone to truly take adult jazz players seriously is over – Jazz Wire is open for business! If you want to get better on your instrument, get more enjoyment out of playing, and get in the mix with other musicians around the world, this is the place for you. We are limiting our initial 2018 enrollment to just 500 members, and we can’t wait for you to be one of those lucky first 500.

Today is the day to apply and join Jazz Wire. Within two weeks, we’ll send you your first Playing Evaluation and Practice Plan. When the full Jazz Wire site goes live on November 1, 2018, you’ll be blown away by the community and content we have there for you. We already have about 200 folks from over 25 countries who are excited to work with you.

Apply to Jazz Wire Now!

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  • Jazz Wire is a subscription-based membership site, with a one-time application fee of $75. The fee covers your first Playing Evaluation and Practice Plan. This is a +/- 10 page document made personally for YOU, based on YOUR PLAYING. No university music major has ever received a document and plan for their development like what you’ll receive (every six months) as a Jazz Wire member.
  • Although we hope that everyone will be ready to become a member of Jazz Wire, some will need to do a little more practicing before they will be able to hang musically with everyone on Jazz Wire. If this is you, not a worry. Your practice plan will lay out all of the work in front of you and you will be able to resubmit your music at no additional cost any time after practicing for four months.
  • If accepted, you will be placed into your skill group by Jeff and your membership fee of $49.95 per month, with a minimum subscription of six months, will automatically kick in beginning November 1st. You will automatically receive a NEW, updated Practice Plan and Playing Assessment every six months, as part of your renewed subscription. You can count on your playing, you abilities, and your enjoyment to develop faster than you’ve ever experienced before.
  • What does a Playing Evaluation and Practice Plan look like? How deep does it go? Great questions! Check out the Sample Playing Evaluation & Practice Plan to see a sample. You’ll be receiving one of these every six months at Jazz Wire!

Apply to Jazz Wire Now!

What to Expect

  • We are all about serving adult amateur and semi-pro musicians. Jazz Wire is not a catch-all, “everyone welcome” kind of thing. We built this for a particular community that is passionate, engaged, and wildly underserved. We built this for you.
  • Jazz Wire is first and foremost a community. Imagine being a part of an engaged community, working together on weekly assignments. You’ll have friends from around the country and around the world, trading ideas, comparing notes, offering meaningful input, and working together. All at your level. Everyone will be able to see your profile — where you are, what instruments you play, what your musical influences are and what you are working on. Completing your profile is a great way to introduce yourself to all the like-minded musicians on Jazz Wire.
  • Wisdom and curated knowledge is what you’ll find at Jazz Wire. To begin with, there will be four new video lessons every week, focused at three different ability levels. Song study, theory, comping & rhythm, soloing, instrument-specific techniques and styles are just the beginning. You’ll find plenty of great information with us, but you’ll always find specific assignments and stepwise, attainable short term goals. We’ll launch with over 100 archived videos, all searchable by content, style, song, topic and other keywords.
  • We’ll be connecting you with other Jazz Wire musicians at your level. We want you to have meaningful, productive and inspiring conversations with passionate jazz musicians all over the world. Wondering where the best jazz club in Paris is? Where there’s a jam session in Oslo or Orlando? The best bass amp under $400? Your friends on Jazz Wire can tell you!

Never before has it been possible to connect all the great adult jazz musicians around the world in a meaningful way. The problem was that we just didn’t know each other. We were separated by distance, communication and time. Plus, adult musicians just weren’t taken seriously by far too many teachers, and by the music industry in general. We are changing that.

  • We’ll be keeping it personal. Twice a year you’ll receive the most comprehensive Playing Evaluation and Practice Plan that you’ve ever encountered (Click Here to see a sample). This alone is worth the price of admission, and will keep you more focused and on task with your music than you’ve ever been. The plan is private, and for you alone, but the highlights and your progress are shared with your friends and peers in the community.
  • Not everyone will get in. We want to keep the level of discourse at Jazz Wire exciting and engaging, so you won’t find any “jazz tourists” here! When you become a Jazz Wire member, you’ll know that we have built an experience for you that you can’t find elsewhere. A curated experience.

Of course, we LOVE working with players who are newer to jazz too. You are very welcome, and we have the perfect Community for you inside Jazz Wire. That said, someone who is just too green, or is still struggling too much with their instrument will  not have a good time. A person in this position will still receive their Jazz Wire Practice Plan and Playing Assessment, and will be invited to reapply (at no further cost) in four months, after a bit of practice time. We want everyone happy, content, and moving ahead!

Apply to Jazz Wire Now!

Your Next Steps

  • Click here, apply, and begin your Jazz Wire profile (you do not have to finish it before you finish your musical submission for evaluation, but we’ll have you finish it before we let you into the live site if you are accepted).
  • You’ll see step by step information on how to upload your application and your audio/video recordings to us. Easy!
  • Lead sheets, transposed music and audio backing tracks are all there for you to download and use. Nothing you have to search out or find on your own. That said, you can download music and backing tracks here
  • Record a couple songs for us (no pressure, don’t sweat it!) and send them in, using our simple upload process.
  • You’ll receive a confirmation email, and in two weeks or less, you’ll receive your first Jazz Wire Playing Evaluation and Practice Plan.
  • Have fun doing some focused work with your Practice Plan for the next month or so.
  • Jazz Wire goes live on November 1, 2018, and your monthly membership begins. The community is up and running, and the weekly sessions begin!

We are excited to work with you as one of the first 500 Jazz Wire members in 2018. We’ll be looking for your application.


Jeff Antoniuk and the Jazz Wire Team