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Karen Devitt

Piano Teacher, Jazz Pianist / Vocalist

“I've learned so much working with Jeff over the last few years. As a terrific musician and educator, he has created a growing community of adult musicians who love to play jazz!”

Joe Harsanyi

Engineer, Trumpet Player

"Seeing the work product of the other guys and gals in the communities inspires/cajoles me to do the work necessary to 1) get better (top priority, of course) but also 2) post something to make a contribution to the community too. I think that inspiration and persuasion is exactly what we all need and this platform provides just that.”

Chip Armstrong

West Point Grad, former Wall Street Exec, Author, & Jazz Sax Player

"Jeff Antoniuk is the man for those of us adult learners who’ve always dreamt of taking a solo on a bandstand at a jazz club. Jeff’s a humble and joyful bad-ass, and a jazz Pied Piper!"

The Jazz Wire Community

Jazz Wire is different because we prioritize the most important part of your jazz study, the thing that is unquestionably missing for most of us - the community. Jazz requires energy, interaction and support. It’s our guiding principle, and behind everything that we do.

Digging Deeper: Your Playing Evaluation and Practice Plan

Imagine having a renowned professional jazz musician tell you where you are at in your playing, today. What are your strengths, what are the areas that could be improved upon most quickly, and how to actually make it all happen? The personal approach is where we begin!

Jazz Wire Mission

Jazz Wire takes Jeff Antoniuk's 20 years of real world experience teaching adult amateurs and semi-pros, and elegantly transposes it to the virtual world of online connection. Jeff is on a mission to change the lives of adult amateurs and semi-pros! Find out more.

Video Archive

Hundreds of education videos, all geared for adult learners, and searchable by title, song, style, instrument, keyword and much more. A wealth of curated knowledge and wisdom.

Ongoing Conversations

Imagine if your best friend was also a jazz musician and student who played at your level. Conversations that inspire and enlighten happen every minute on Jazz Wire.

Three New Lessons a Week

Three video lessons, each based on classic jazz songs and concepts, are posted every week. Ask questions, offer answers, post recordings, and help guide the next lesson!

Personal Feedback

Your Practice Plan and Playing Evaluation is created for you personally. Get more input on your playing and progress than you’ve likely ever experienced in your life.


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  • $75 Initial Application Fee
  • Personalized Playing Evaluations 
  • Access to the Jazz Wire Community
  • Six-Month Practice Plan

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