Digging Deeper: Your Playing Evaluation and Practice Plan

No university music major or college student has ever received a document like what Jazz Wire members receive, every six months. You send in two recordings of yourself playing (don’t worry, it’s easy), and that gets us started on your Playing Evaluation and Practice Plan.

Playing Evaluation

Your Playing Evaluation, based on the two recordings you send us, is where everything begins. Jeff Antoniuk listens to your playing, relative to the Jazz Wire 15 Essentials. These are the 15 elements that Jeff knows are important for any jazz musician to develop, which he has fine-tuned for adult musicians. Jazz Wire is built for adult students, so you’ll get an honest assessment of where you are, from someone who has worked with thousands of adult jazz students over several decades. There is no busy work, and no wasted time and spinning wheels. This is the powerful beginning of a new era in your playing.

Practice Plan

Twice a year, you’ll receive a new Practice Plan, a 10+ page document made personally for YOU, based on your Playing Evaluation. This is where the rubber hits the road. Jeff offers input on how to develop your strengths, as well as keen insights on how to work on some areas of your playing that are ready for quick improvement. Supported by video, pdf handouts, downloads, discussions, and of course your Jazz Wire Community and weekly lessons, you’ll have the strongest plan for your musical advancement of your life.

It’s Dynamic!

Your web-based Practice Plan will be changing and evolving . . . it is literally alive. If your Plan guides you to work on your Swing Feel and your Harmonic Language, every time those topics are addressed in a new Jazz Wire or Digging Deeper Jazz video, it will be automatically added to your Plan. Your Practice Plan will LOOK DIFFERENT on November 1 than it looked on October 1. It will constantly be updating itself, and adding new practice ideas for you. This is the 21st century, and we are taking the technology and running with it!